Egg, Prosciutto and Gruyere Tartine by The Dinner Club

So, tartine… sounds all fancy, right? Well, don’t be afraid, it’s not that fancy. In fact, in this case, it’s real messy. Tartine is just a pretty way to say “open face sandwich.

And it actually turned out to be extremely flavorful and delicious. The Hubs definitely loved it. I have to admit that the prosciutto made it a bit too salty for me after a few bites, but that could just be a personal taste thing. I’m pretty sure cooking the prosciutto concentrated the saltiness a little as well since I’ve had plenty of prosciutti that wasn’t salty. Anyway, I think it’s worth a try. What’s really interesting is the layers of flavor. When you first bite into it mostly get the egg and the lemony spinach flavor, but as you chew you start to taste prosciutto and finally the gruyere. This would make a great brunch meal, too! Read moreimg_0882


Tourte Milanese – A Meal en Croute by Parsley Sage Sweet

Not sure if this Tourte Milanese is Italian or a tribute to Italy via the French, or just Michel Richard, since the layers, yellow representing white (what white-ish food is better than light and fluffy scrambled whole eggs?) pretty much equal to the colors of the Italian flag. Milanese is well… from Milan.

Although this Tourte Milanese looks difficult, it isn’t. You only cook eggs and spinach and roast red bell peppers. The rest is rolling out and layering ham and cheese along with the three, and that’s it. It makes a beautiful brunch treat or anytime the main dish. Change out some of the ingredients for ingredients you like; for instance, broccoli instead of spinach, turkey instead of ham, cheddar cheese instead of Swiss. Endless possibilities.Read more


Tourte Milanese – A Meal en Croute
Tourte Milanese – A Meal en Croute

Vegetable Frittata by Veggies & Gin

This is a delicious frittata, the texture is ideal and has a clean cut. And because I tend to underbake it, it remains moist. Dry eggs are a sin.

It’s also a flexible, variable recipe — feel free to replace other vegetables or herbs for the ones listed here. Despite its claim to spring and fresh vegetables, it’s kind of a pantry meal even if you don’t have access to fresh produce. Frozen sweet peas taste sweeter, so if you only have frozen peas, use them. If you don’t have fresh herbs, try dried oregano or herbs de Provence. The lemon zest is my secret ingredient and it makes the whole thing shine — please don’t leave it out. Read more


vegetable Frittata for Brunch