Bacon and Eggs Brunch Pizza with Hashbrown Crust by -Get Inspired Everyday

It all starts with a cheesy hashbrown crust what  is so delicious, I can’t wait to experiment with all types of pizza toppings. Then you add some bacon bits, eggs, and a sprinkling of cheese.

And since toppings are half the fun, be sure to go all out with whatever your favorites are. I topped mine with the last of my garden tomatoes, avocado, green onions, and sriracha. To keep it extra simple, you can just go with the green onions and sriracha during the winter months.

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Tourte Milanese – A Meal en Croute by Parsley Sage Sweet

Not sure if this Tourte Milanese is Italian or a tribute to Italy via the French, or just Michel Richard, since the layers, yellow representing white (what white-ish food is better than light and fluffy scrambled whole eggs?) pretty much equal to the colors of the Italian flag. Milanese is well… from Milan.

Although this Tourte Milanese looks difficult, it isn’t. You only cook eggs and spinach and roast red bell peppers. The rest is rolling out and layering ham and cheese along with the three, and that’s it. It makes a beautiful brunch treat or anytime the main dish. Change out some of the ingredients for ingredients you like; for instance, broccoli instead of spinach, turkey instead of ham, cheddar cheese instead of Swiss. Endless possibilities.Read more


Tourte Milanese – A Meal en Croute
Tourte Milanese – A Meal en Croute